Volume: 13 Issue: 49 January - March 2017

Dear All,
The quarterly magazine, Started in 2005, Compassion is meant for Mid-Level Ophthalmic Personnel to enhance their knowledge on eye care as well as to update them on the latest developments in the field. Articles for this quarterly magazine are mostly written by ophthalmic nurses which will be proofread and designed by Aravind’s Editorial Team.

We appreciate your inputs and suggestions for improving the quality of Compassion.

Dr. Usha Kim
Editor, Compassion.


Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they'll become... habits.
Watch your habits for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny.
- Margaret Thatcher


This issue  spans a variety of articles starting from   mundane activities in the hospital to highly advanced technologies in the forefront.  The one  which catches your attention  in the beginning is simple lid hygiene.  Contrary to our expectations, it plays  a crucial role   before and after surgery.  The article on lid hygiene  gives  detailed ,  instructions  of pre-operative and post-operative  eyelid care, with precision. Are you visiting  an eye hospital ? Read this article first.
Administration of local anaesthetic   for surgery is the preferred option today. Sub-tenon’s block  has more acceptable  risk profile compared  to other methods. The second article,  illustrates  the procedure  and also lists   the advantages, complications  and contraindications .
Multifocal contact lenses are designed   to allow  different lens powers that  target vision at varying distances from the wearer and is a panacea for presbyopia patients.  The third article  brings out the difference between the multifocal and bifocal contact lenses, illustrates the types of MCL and  touches upon the advantages and disadvantages.  Are you above 40? This is for you .
Finding the  perfect pair of   eyeglasses for you can be a  challenge!. The perfect marriage  between face and frame  boils down to face shape.  The  article on ‘ the perfect frame ‘  is loaded  with tips for any wearer  to pinpoint the  appropriate frame   which  merges with the face  and gives an elegant look.  Great isn’t it?   Find out how.
Nowadays  the prime factor   we are looking for is ‘ quality’.   Keeping in tune with this concept,  eye care professionals are vying with each other  in embracing  highly advanced technologies . One such vision analysis and diagnostic equipment, is  “ i-trace”- ray tracing abberrometer  / topographer.  The article on  ‘i-trace’,  packs   highly technical information in  a simple  mode,  throwing light on its advanced features.
The article also contains the usual  sections adding spice to mundane  information.  Have a happy time reading!!